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  • If Snowflex® had been available 12 years ago, I would have not bothered with snow. This is fantastic.
    – Cor Mollin, Proprietor of the Belgian Indoor Snow Centres
  • That's the brilliant thing about it, there is so much scope to give people different experiences.
    – John Larkin
    Founder & Ex-Chairman Kendal Ski Club
  • A final note to all would be developers, build a slope like this and people will visit - it's really that simple
    – Russ Shea, Document Snowboard
  • for the first time we have a safe, clean surface that people will come back to time and time again.
    – John Shedden
    Director of Coaching for the English Ski Council
  • The repeat business has been unbelievable, tasters develop to plough II, plough II's develop to plough III and they develop up to basic swings and even parallels, on a nursery slope!
    – Steve Foulkes - Director Rossendale Ski Centre
  • Snowflex has changed the future of the ski, and snowboard industry forever.
    – Drew Sherwood
    General Manager, Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, Lynchburg, VA
  • I can see it's better just looking out of my window because people are learning quicker.
    – John Fleetham
    former Managing Director of Sheffield Ski Village
  • We are very happy with our Snowflex summer tubing hill. It is attracting visitors from across the country!
    – Trueman E. Hoffmeister
    Center Director
    Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA of the Rockies
  • Snowflex is a great place for all levels of skiing and snowboarding. It provides and safe and fun environment that is extremely affordable.
    – Drew Sherwood
    General Manager, Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, Lynchburg, VA
  • "Thank you Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre for the good times today. Can't wait to come back!!!"
    – Louie Vito
    American professional snowboarder, Olympian, Winter X Games and U.S. Grand Prix Champion.
  • The Snowflex tubing Hill is a lot of fun! Everyone we've had visit, has left with a smile on their face.

    We are extremely pleased with the outcome.
    – Craig Combs
    Owner Wolfe Mountain Tubing Slope, Branson, Missouri, USA
  • The key to the future of snowboarding is Snowflex. I mean you just wouldn’t dream of doing some of the things they are doing without Snowflex.
    – Adrian Cairns
    Photographer and Snowsports writer


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Financial FAQs

How much does Snowflex® cost?

Approximate Costs

Please Note: The following are "ball park" costs. Obviously, currency fluctuations and variable local costs should be taken into consideration. The process is iterative and costs will become more accurate as the project proceeds.

British Pounds £

snowsports area (m2) 3,000 6,000 10,000 16,000
lodge area (m2) floor area 500-1200 1500 2100 3100
car parking (no. of cars) 200 480 800 1280
total cost (£) 
average slope capacity
1-3 million 
100-120 people
3-6 million
200-250 people
5-10 million
400+ people
8-16 million 
600+ people

US Dollars $

snowsports area (ft2) 30,000 60,000 100,000 160,000
lodge area (ft2) floor area 5,000-12,000 15,000 21,000 31,000
car parking (no. of cars) 200 480 800 1280
total cost ($) 
average slope capacity
2-5 million 
100-120 people
6-10 million
200-250 people
8-17 million
400+ people
13-27 million 
600+ people

Euros €

snowsports area (m2) 3000 6000 10000 16000
lodge area (m2) floor area 5,000-12,000 15,000 21,000 31,000
car parking (no. of cars) 200 480 800 1280
total cost (€) 
average slope capacity
1.25-3.75 million 
100-120 people
3.75-7.5 million
200-250 people
6.25-12.5 million
400+ people
10-20 million 
600+ people

Average ticket revenue* per person per hour would typically be approximately £8, €10 or $13

* Ticket price is different from revenue because tax has to be added to the revenue to get ticket price.

Typical Cost Split for a Project

piechart.jpgThe costs shown are for a stand alone center, however, the development might include housing, retail Food and beverage and other leisure activities.

>How long does Snowflex last?

To which we would ask how busy is it going to be?
Our best answer relates to the amount of business and is based on some data we have collected in the UK. We would suggest that

£0.20 to £0.30
€0.35 to €0.55
$0.35 to $0.55

be collected from each ticket hour sold, to cover repairs and maintenance and placed in an escrow account.

We suggest that the whole area be fully depreciated in ten years. However, in reality, no replacement will be required for the first years of operation, then certain areas will need to be replaced such as the jump landing area. Other areas may never need replacing.

Note: when the material is worn, the quality of the experience deteriorates. If this is not attended to, the business will deteriorate and people will stop visiting.


Can we buy Snowflex® by the square metre / square foot?

BRITON Engineering Developments price each contract individually - This can be broken down to a sq metre / sq ft price but the project cost will be based on the scope of works including design, location, terrain, equipment and project size.

We will always include transport and installation.

Can we install Snowflex® ourselves?

Snowflex® is a sophisticated and technologically advanced surface system that requires specialist installation and the overall project quality is as important to us as it is to our clients. Our highly experienced installation teams aim to do a first class job. We are happy to discuss utilizing your own labor within our teams to lower costs if this is an issue.

What are the best features to include on a Snowflex® slope?

The features that can be included are dependent on the size of project. All projects generally require a nursery/bunny area. An intermediate run is the next essential, perhaps with a small jump and rails.

As a project gets bigger, a set of three jumps/kickers, with an appropriate landing area, is essential to the business.

After that a quarter pipe (or pipes) is good value.

For the larger projects, half pipes, cornices drop offs and mogul (bump) field can come into the picture.

Can we phase our Snowflex project and expand it later?

A project can be done in phases. However, you have only one chance to make a good first impression. The whole project is likely to make a better impression than just part of it. So this is a commercial decision that must be carefully considered.