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  • Snowflex has changed the future of the ski, and snowboard industry forever.
    – Drew Sherwood
    General Manager, Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, Lynchburg, VA
  • That's the brilliant thing about it, there is so much scope to give people different experiences.
    – John Larkin
    Founder & Ex-Chairman Kendal Ski Club
  • The key to the future of snowboarding is Snowflex. I mean you just wouldn’t dream of doing some of the things they are doing without Snowflex.
    – Adrian Cairns
    Photographer and Snowsports writer
  • Snowflex is a great place for all levels of skiing and snowboarding. It provides and safe and fun environment that is extremely affordable.
    – Drew Sherwood
    General Manager, Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, Lynchburg, VA
  • The Snowflex tubing Hill is a lot of fun! Everyone we've had visit, has left with a smile on their face.

    We are extremely pleased with the outcome.
    – Craig Combs
    Owner Wolfe Mountain Tubing Slope, Branson, Missouri, USA
  • "Thank you Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre for the good times today. Can't wait to come back!!!"
    – Louie Vito
    American professional snowboarder, Olympian, Winter X Games and U.S. Grand Prix Champion.
  • I can see it's better just looking out of my window because people are learning quicker.
    – John Fleetham
    former Managing Director of Sheffield Ski Village
  • If Snowflex® had been available 12 years ago, I would have not bothered with snow. This is fantastic.
    – Cor Mollin, Proprietor of the Belgian Indoor Snow Centres
  • for the first time we have a safe, clean surface that people will come back to time and time again.
    – John Shedden
    Director of Coaching for the English Ski Council
  • A final note to all would be developers, build a slope like this and people will visit - it's really that simple
    – Russ Shea, Document Snowboard
  • The repeat business has been unbelievable, tasters develop to plough II, plough II's develop to plough III and they develop up to basic swings and even parallels, on a nursery slope!
    – Steve Foulkes - Director Rossendale Ski Centre
  • We are very happy with our Snowflex summer tubing hill. It is attracting visitors from across the country!
    – Trueman E. Hoffmeister
    Center Director
    Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA of the Rockies


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Having been involved in over 250 snowsports projects in the last 35 plus years, BRITON Engineering possesses unique in the world experience when it comes to designing and building all season snow sports centers - there is no-one else in the world that offers and does what BRITON can do. This little known subject comes as a result of the inventive British nation being non-Alpine yet keen to participate in snow sports.

BRITON Engineering keeps up to date with current trends, being in touch with some of the world leading professional terrain designers and freestyle athletes.

Each project is carefully designed, planned and coordinated to achieve the best possible result for the client and its customers.

Unique Design & Build Experience

Just as important as the Snowflex® system technology is our attention to detail of the design & build process.

A good design will:

  • Suit all abilities
  • Encourage new customers
  • Ensure repeat visits
  • Encourage rapid skill development
  • Bring fun to the whole family

Good design is crucial in order to achieve the maximum return on investment where the constraints are totally different from those found in mountain resorts.